Softphone & Unified Communications

  • Linkus is a unified communications app for Windows desktop, Mac desktop, iPhone and Android phones.
  • Linkus will transform employees’ desktops and mobile phones into office extensions to provide consistent call experience and add more powerful collaboration features, such as presence, chat, CRM integration, click to call, etc.

Breaking free from the Desk

  • Work remotely with the same communications features you have at the desk. You can transfer, hold, mute and record calls, as well as set up call forwarding rules and ring strategies to ring incoming calls on the devices you prefer.

Accessing Voicemails & Recordings from Anywhere

  • The voicemail messages and recorded calls are synchronized on Linkus Softphone or Cloud PBX. You can check them through Linkus effortlessly to stay informed of important messages and respond to them quickly.

Increasing Collaboration and Engagement

  • Collaboration features such as hoc conference, instant messaging and file sharing supplement phone calls to increase flexibility. The presence status tells if a colleague is available, busy, or away, avoiding unnecessary call attempts.

CRM Integration

  • Aligning data with conversation
  • Benefits from the integration
  • Click to call, transfer, and hang up directly from the CRM screen
  • Optimize agent performance and call centre operations
  • Call pop-up with customer records presented
  • Keep detailed records of your call history
  • Take notes of your calls
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