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10GB + 10GB Nightsurfer

20GB + 20GB Nightsurfer

30GB + 30GB Nightsurfer

40GB + 40GB Nightsurfer

60GB + 60GB Nightsurfer

80GB + 80GB Nightsurfer

100GB + 100GB Nightsurfer

120GB + 120GB Nightsurfer

150GB + 150GB Nightsurfer

220GB + 220GB Nightsurfer


LTE (Long Term Evolution) increases the capacity and speed of wireless data networks. A goal of LTE was to redesign and simplify the network architecture to an IP based system with significantly reduces transfer latency compared with the 3G architecture.

LTE can be used as a fail over or as a prominent internet connection were no Fibre or Microwave Links are available. Ditronics offers a wide selection of LTE packages to suite your needs and pockets.

Contact us for a quotation on the best LTE in your area at the most competitive price. All speeds of lines are available from Ditronics.

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