XCALLY is an innovative Omni Channel Solution that integrates Asterisk with the Shuttle and Motion technologies, developed in the Xenialab research center. The solution is one of the best Contact Center management platforms for multi-channel – voice, chat, email, SMS, fax and social channels through standard APIs. XCALLY is currently used in over 50 countries, thanks to its ease of installation, setup and use.

XCALLY MOTION represents the state of the art about the most advanced XCALLY customer care suite providing you comprehensive Omni Channel solutions for your customer.

• Native Omni Channel Design: both server and client applications are designed omni-channel from scratch

• A full set of multiple channels – ready to be used – where you can configure the skills and seamless routing strategies for your customer interactions (Voice, Web Chat, SMS, Email, Fax)

• Open Channel concept: a simple API set in order to add the channel you ned. eg. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Telegram

• Intergrations: some ecternal CRM and Ticketing solutions are already integrated with XCALLY (i.e. Zendesk, Salesforce, Sugar ect….). Many others can be added using the powerful XCALLY RESTful API

• Contact Manager (CM): the supervisors can easily manage different customer lists, create custom contact fields, import contacts, and provide CM pop-up for the agents

• Motion Bull: whether you need a Progressive, Power Dial, Predictive dialer, or a smart Call Back application, Motion Bull is the right tool for you. We have worked hard to make it robust, simple to use and effective to monitor

• Real Time Dashboards: the MOTION Asynchronous technology has been improved to work totally multi-thread and multi-processes now, thus allowing better performances and scalability

• Built-in Softphone: your customer care agents can use the XCALLY MOTION Phonebar along to the Web interface in order to maximize the Omni Channel experience

• Automations: using the XCALLY Triggers, you can easily configure effective Workflows to better manage your Business Processes

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