Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Communications is the heart of a business, VoIP has the capacity to strengthen your business by strengthening the heart of the business. VoIP is a fundamental building block of intelligent communications, as it extends voice communications to anyone, anywhere, over any device. VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol”

Benefits of VoIP

  • Inter-branch calls on same network are free
  • All calls to all areas are per second billing.
  • One network, one choice – Integration with Audio. Data and Video Applications.
  • Flexibility – no hidden costs.
  • Online billing access to VoIP Account.

Cost Savings of VoIP

  • Up to 40% savings can be achieved, in comparison with existing telephone account.
  • Ditronics has your back, In the event of Copper Cable Theft and/or outage, VoIP network will not be affected (Eg, fail over links using LTE or Fibre). In the event of an outage calls can be forwarded to an alternative contact number, Ditronics will never leave you in the dark.


Your existing number can be ported to Ditronics Network with a once off cost and then a much lower monthly rental rate. This ported number can then be used where ever your office is in South Africa, no need to get a new number if you move your office to a different district or province.

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